About AzScienceCERT

AzScienceCERT is an information security incidents responding group in Internet network (AzScienceNet) of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS). The main aim of AzScienceCERT is maintaining the information security risks in AzScienceNet at an accepted level. For this purpose AzScienceCERT helps ANAS organizations and AzScienceNet users in detecting, preventing and informing the actions that violate information security.

AzScienceCERT realizes the collection, storage and analysis of the statistical data related with network attacks and malware infections in ANAS Internet network. In order to achieve the planned tasks AzScienceCERT cooperates with the similar groups in Azerbaijan Republic, the state organizations of Azerbaijan Republic, the foreign groups which work on information security incident processing and the other groups working in information security field.

 Phone: (994 12) 5104253
 E-mail: info at sciencecert dot az
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